200% Casino Bonus 2021

SlotHits has created a list for players that are searching for  200% Casino bonus. The chosen casinos are all reputable safe well known gambling sites. The list is updated frequently, so visit us and have a look, now and then.

200% Online Casino Bonus list 2021

About 200% Casino Bonus!


There are many various casino bonuses, as you already know, if you are an experienced gambler. A popular one is 200% casino bonus. It’s not the biggest one, though, there are sometimes 400% bonuses and even larger.

However, a 200% bonus is most times good enough for most players. It’s a rather mighty bonus. If you deposit 20€ you will get 60€ to play with, since 40€ is 200% of 20€. If you make a deposit of 30€ you will receive 90€ to play with, if the bonus is 200 percent.

About the major con and pros

The major con with a 200% bonus is definetly the wager. A 200 percent casino bonus is a lot, but so are most times the wager requirements. It can take a very long time to wager a 200% casino bonus. If the wager is 40x (bonus + deposit), and you deposited 20€, you need to make 12000 spins (40×60 = 2400 2400/0.2=12000) to complete the wager and make a withdrawal, and that can take a long time for sure.

On the other hand it can be fun to play for long periods, so sometimes it can be an advantage with a high wager since you have to wait long before a withdrawal can be made. Another advantage is that you have more money yo play with, so you can increase your bets while playing and make bigger wins.

More about 200 deposit bonus

200% casino bonus is often given in welcome bonus packages, but it’s also given as single 200 welcome casino bonus and as loyalty bonus. How much you can receive in total varies, sometimes you can get more than 1000€ in total.

The sum you receive can be considerable, be aware that you most times can use it over several days. To find out exactly how many days you have to meet the wager requirements, read the terms and conditions!

Terms and Conditions

It can be fun to triple your money sometimes, but be aware, when it comes to online gambling, it’s important to check the terms. They vary considerably among casinos and slot sites so read the terms carefully. They usually don’t vary that much between a regular 100% or 200% casino bonus, though.

As usual it’s important to check which games that contribute to wager and how much. It’s also important to check the expiring date, especially when you have a 200% casino bonus with massive wager requirments.

200% casino bonus

Should I take a 200% Casino Bonus?


  • Play for longer
  • Deposit less
  • Make higher bets


  • Wager requirements
  • Takes time to check Wager


SlotHits Team has played with all kind of bonuses, 200% deposit bonus can be nice sometimes for sure, especially if you feel for a long day of nonstop playing, or want to test several games.

It takes a long time to wager such a bonus though, so if you want a quick win or a fast withdrawal play with a 50% bonus intstead or with the standard 100 percent casino welcome bonus. Test a 200% deposit bonus today, and find out if it’s something for you, don’t forget to play responsibly!

Play responsibly!

Play a certain amount of time and keep to it, even if you win. Make sure that you can afford your gambling. Don’t spend more money than you can afford. Take breaks, perhaps some fresh air, so you get a clear mind. Don’t play if you are having a bad day or if you feel depressed.

Visit Begambleaware for info about safe gambling.