Interview with Mancala Gaming

Interview with Mancala Gaming 2021.

Mancala Gaming has given their valuable time to do an interview with We appreciate it, because Mancala Gaming is a promising new game developer. They seem to be on a mission to fill the world with the best slot games!

The company is based in Prague, Czech Republic. Their exciting games caught our attention. Read our inerview below with Mancala!

Please tell us a little about Mancala Gaming.

We are a new and dynamic game studio established in 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic. Mancala Gaming was officially launched in May 2020 with the aim to push the boundaries of online gambling and become a driving force of innovation within the industry. We offer a portfolio of 50+ games which target both demanding players and the younger generations.

To attract the younger audiences, our games combine traditional slot game elements with aspects of mobile and PC games, as well as exciting, unique game mechanics that keep the players on their feet. At the same time, we are committed to exemplifying best business practices, putting player safety first, and building strong, valuable partnerships with the leaders of the industry.

What is unique about your games?

I believe what really sets our games apart is the aspect of skill that we try to incorporate into our new titles. Our games are more interactive and require a new level of participation from the players.

The gameplay goes beyond pressing “Spin” – players get to use their strategic skills, make decisions, and affect the outcome of the game. All these aspects help create a much more immersive gameplay experience that really draws the players in.

Interview with Mancala Gaming

Which games from your portfolio do you think are the most successful?

Some of our most successful titles are our latest releases, including Portal Master, Coco Tiki, Cherry Bombs, and a few others. We try to make each game better than the last, so it is very exciting and reassuring to see that all our latest releases have had massive success with players all around the world.

All our most successful games are very interactive and have elements of pop culture, video games, and latest trends integrated into the visuals and gameplay itself.

Big Time Gaming invented the famous Megaways mechanics, has your studio invented any special features or are you planning to do so?

At the moment, we have not invented any such feature yet. However, we would like to come up with an equally significant and unique game mechanic in the future, and we are tirelessly working on brainstorming new out-of-the-box ideas.

In our case, this process is most likely to take the direction of developing a unique skill-based game mechanic as we fully believe this is the best way to bring slot games closer to the younger generation. It is the direction we are heading in with each of our new game releases as well as our future plans.

Mancala creates both dice and slot games. Can you tell us a little bit about dice slot games and why your company produces them?

Dice slot games are an exciting product that merges traditional slot mechanics with the appearance and elements of dice games. Originally, we have started developing dice slot games to comply with the regulations in the Belgian market, and they quickly became a favorite amongst the local players. After we saw the popularity these have garnered, we decided to take

it a step further and start working on integrating elements of skill into the slot dice games. We have some very exciting games of this kind underway and cannot wait to show you in the near future.

Interview with Mancala Gaming

Your company is associated with fair business practices, what is meant by that?

The iGaming market is becoming increasingly saturated, and the times when simply developing creative games was enough is long gone. We believe in providing excellent service to all our customers and always putting the safety and positive experience of the player first.

At the same time, we do our best to create products that are easy for the operators to set up and offer to players. We value our clients and partners and try to lead by example in fair treatment of all our key stakeholders.

How will you compete against well-established slot developers?

We believe there is a shift happening in the iGaming industry at the moment, whereas the new generation enters the market, player demands are changing rapidly. This leaves a lot of room for those with innovative ideas and an understanding of the younger players to establish themselves within the industry.

We are definitely still growing and overcoming the challenges that come with launching a company during a pandemic, but we believe that by focusing on Gen Z players and catering to their desires, we can set ourselves apart and cement our place as a trend-setter amongst slot developers.

What should we expect from Mancala Gaming in the future?

Without giving away too much, I can tease two new games that will be coming out in the near future. One is guaranteed to shock the players with the twist in the bonus game, and the other is very close to the heart of the company. We are also planning to continue expanding into major markets by obtaining more licenses, so that we can offer our games to even more players and grow our reach.

Generally, we are planning to continue pushing the boundaries of what slot games can look like with each new game, and bring innovation and excitement to the industry.

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