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TV Slots – Why are they so popular?

TV Slots have been a massive part of the online slot machine landscape for many years now. These are online slot games that have been themed around TV shows, often a game show or a cartoon. From Wheel of Fortune, Family Guy and Deal or No Deal to South Park and The Simpsons, it’s often hard to find a TV show that hasn’t had a slot machine adaptation. So, what is all the fuss about? Why do so many people love to play TV games, and why do developers keep on making them? In our TV Slots article, we will answer all those questions and more!

Sweet Nostalgia

One of the most common reasons people love to play TV Slots is because of nostalgic reasons. There is just something lovely about reliving your favourite childhood TV show in the form of a slot game. One of the best examples of this is cartoon-themed slots. These slots usually contain the soundtrack, characters, and familiar graphics from your favourite childhood TV show. Thus, it brings back many fond memories, and many people prefer this over playing a slot with an original theme.

The Gameshow Element

Slot machine games are fun for many different reasons: the themes, and the gameplay. However, the most enticing part is the chance of winning cash! 
Although, slots are not the only way of trying your luck at hitting the jackpot. Tons of old TV shows such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Jeopardy offered the chance for public members to win huge prizes. In this case, it seems only natural that these should deserve their slot remake. 
From our experience, the familiar soundtrack and TV presenter make us feel lucky and more excited for the jackpot than regular slots. So, maybe these features will help you as well and turn your luck around.
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Why do Developers Create TV Slots? 

Whilst slot developers’ core focus is making entertaining slot machine games, it must be remembered that ultimately, they are still a business. Much like merchandise and video game brands, slot developers will often get paid by TV shows to design a slot around them. 
This is a win-win for both parties – TV shows bring a lot of life to the world of slots. Meanwhile, TV show creators would rather slot fans play a game based on their cartoon or gameshow as it keeps them interested in the characters. 
Who knows, someone who just played the Game of Thrones slot may find their love for the show rekindled and go out and buy the box set!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are tons of reasons why TV slots are loved by so many. People love TV shows, so slots can bring a whole new level of enjoyment for the player. Heartwarming familiar soundtracks add that extra level of excitement surrounding the jackpot.
By the end of the day, this is a great marketing tool for TV shows and slot developers. So, consider choosing your favourite TV slot and make your way to sparkling winnings!