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The Hive slot review

The Hive Slot (Betsoft) Review Introduction: The Hive slot is a Bee game that revolves around a Hive and a colony of bees. Bee themed slots are not something groundbreaking or new to the i-gaming community. In fact several Bee slots have been created before. Another interesting online slot with this theme is Wild Swarm from Push Gaming. However this online slot review is about the Hive.

The gamefield or playing area has a hexagonal grid, which is invigorating, since it’s not seen especially often in online slots. Various Bee characters can appear on random spots and spreading Wilds show up in the Free Spins feature. Get ready for some swarming and a buzzing sound!

The Hive Gamefield & Symbols

The playing field has a hexagonal shape, it’s similar to a hive. The game is set on a 3-4-5-4-3 grid with 30 paylines, that go vertically, horizontally and  diagonally both ways.

To land a win in the game players need to receive a cluster of three or more matching icons on any of the paylines. The imagary and backdrop is colorful. Players will encounter a colony of bees while they play.

However, the symbols are hardworking bees, ladybirds, flowers and letters. The least valuable icons are the letters. The most valuable symbol is the queen bee. There are also some special symbols and joyous features.

The Hive Slot Features

With each spin, a bee can spawn around the hive.

There are 3 types of Bees:

Queen Bee:Summons a swarm of other bees to surround the Hive, improving changes to receive some winnings.

Drone Bee:

Drone Bees fill the honey meter, triggering Free Spins when full. A lot of Drone bees will fill the meter faster. The meter has 12 levels.

Worker Bee:

“Worker Bees award a stacking multiplier that increases, depending on how many other worker bees that are surrounding the Hive. The value equals the number of the worker Bees+1. “

“Bees of any type can spawn randomly with every spin, they will move
clockwise to 1 position around the Hive with each consecutive spin.”

“Bees fly away after a random number of spins. Worker Bees will trigger their activity if atleast one Worker Bee is aligned with a winning payline. “

Sticky Sweet Free Spins:

When a Drone Bee spawns, each Drone bee that appear around the Hive game field including the spawned one, will fill the honey meter with one position. If you accomplish to fill the meter, you’ll be awarded with 5 Free Spins.

Honey Burst Spreading Wilds:

Special about the Free Spins is that, 1, 2 or 3 Honey Burst Spreading Wilds will appear on the Hive Grid. The wilds will be spread from their starting positions to other honeycomb cells after every spin. They will continue to spread to other cells until the end of the Free Spins.”

The Hive slot

Verdict & Conclusion

This game is all about filling the meter with honey and receive 5 Free Spins. The game idea makes sense and fits very well to the theme. A hardworking bee colony will help players to fulfil this mission.

The free spins are amusing, the spreading wilds that occur during these spins create rather low winnings, though. Maximun win is only 378x the bet and the volatility is low. RTP on the other hand is 96.96%, wich is decent. Drone bees, that show up around the hive during gameplay makes the game more lively and fun to play.

The hive has pretty nice design and is a fun game. Overall it’s a slot, with an unique game field, multipliers and captivating “fill the meter mission”.

SlotHits Rating 77/100 - (3.85/5)
  • Unique FS meter
  • Hexagonal game field
  • Decent RTP
  • Low Maximum Win
The Hive slot

Game Type:Bee Theme
Software:No download
Gamble Feature:No
RTP: 96.97%
Max Win:€ 30240 (378 x Bet)
Min Bet:0.10£/
Max Bet:90£/

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