Viking themed slots

There are many slot games out there, and most of them are dedicated to different themes and genres. Nowadays, players can find even Viking themes slots in such a variety. Let’s take a closer look at this popular theme of slot games.

The History

Essentially, Viking-themed slots are based on Norse mythology. Scandinavians discovered the word Viking from the old Norse word Vik, which means bay or creek. Vikings were Scandinavians who left their home to explore Europe and beyond via seas. The brave men and women carried out raids at villages they came across and left with gold, and other goods. The surprising aspect of the Vikings’ attacks and acquiring goods worth a lot is the aspiring factor to Vikings-themed slots.
Although some people consider Vikings as brutal, they were much more than that. This nation was also brave and tough, and their legends still go all the way around. Historically, it is a well-known fact that they had the most efficient sailing equipment, including longships. These characteristics encourage slot developers to create Viking-themed slots. To be precise, the courage and fearlessness of these warriors inspired game developers and formed the basis of slot machines.
viking slots

Features and characteristics of Viking-themed slots

Vikings-themed slots are characterized by attention to detail. Each feature added to the game screams Vikings. These slots are usually fast-paced and with many unique features. Playing Viking-themed slots is exciting. Most of these slots feature five reels and hundreds of enabled pay lines. For example, Thunderstruck II is a predecessor of Thunderstruck, released in 2004.
Thunderstruck II has five reels and 243 permanent bet ways. Another striking characteristic of Vikings-themed slots is the gratifying wins. Besides bonus rounds, players also get coins from playing a game. Furthermore, playing Thunderstruck II could earn you up to 2.4 million coins. Another feature you will find in these slots is Nordic gods, both famous and less popular. Some of these include Thor, Loki, Odin, and Valkyrie. These act as symbols which, if combined from three of as specified by a game on a pay line, you win. You will also find other striking characters such as Thor’s hammer, Viking heroes, and heroines such as Hilde, Magnus, Ivar, and Gunnar. Each symbol included in a slot brings an exceptional modifier to a game depending on a developer’s innovation.

Players can also come across symbols that add multipliers to winning spins. With each spin, you can expect special effects. For example, when playing the Viking Go Berzerk slot, the wild symbol can replace all other icons on the reels. If you get a new game, you will also get free spins, wild reels, or any additional random bonus reward. However, each slot machine is unique. You will find them having varied pay lines, allowing you to have different gameplay each time you log in to a casino.


Following the popularity of the Viking slots theme, more developers are joining the market to create various slot games. The procedure for winning is similar- match several symbols on a pay line and cash some coins depending on how much you stake, multipliers in a game, wild symbol, and unique gameplay of a slot machine. If you are familiar with the Nordic theme, you can expect characters related to it, including ships, treasure chests, Nordic gods, heroes and goddesses, and much more.